University of Houston-Victoria


Prohibited Items

According to your Housing Agreement and the state and university fire safety codes, you should not have any of the following items in your unit:

  • Candles (with or without wick) or incense; not even for decoration
  • Candle warmers and wax melts
  • Extension cords; use power strips with surge protectors instead
  • Heaters and Electric Blanket
  • Toasters/Toaster Ovens/Crock Pots/Electric Skillets/Electric Grills/Hotplates or Cooktops/Barbeque Grills/Coals/Lighting Fluid
  • Hoverboards; segways
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Excessive amounts of paper or flammable material
  • Dangerous/ combustible substances and chemicals
  • Any other items that may be considered a fire hazard, i.e. potpourri pots, multi-plug adapters, air fresheners with attached plugs as an extra outlet
  • Microwaves – Only MICROFRIDGES can be used in Jaguar Village. These can be purchased on the Housing website.
  • Refrigerators exceeding 4.0 cubic feet.

Please note that tampering with or altering of smoke detectors and having candles (even decorative) or incense in your unit will result in a $25 fine.

Additionally, residents can be fined individually for not adhering to fire safety regulations. Penalties can include termination of Housing Agreement, and other disciplinary action, and fines up to $2,000 according to State law.