University of Houston-Victoria


Required Residence Policy

The university requires all first and second year students under the age of 21 to reside on campus.  This requirement does not apply to students  who have completed 60 semester credit hours after high school graduation, or have attended UHV and/or another institution of higher education full-time for 4 or more long (Fall or Spring) semesters.

Students under the required residence policy, however, will be automatically exempted if they live with a parent or legal guardian within a 50 mile radius of Victoria which will be verified by the Department of Residence Life. All other students wishing to reside off campus who live outside the 50 mile radius must complete a Housing Exemption Request Form which is available on the housing portal. Submission of an exemption form does not guarantee approval, so students are advised not to make other housing arrangements until approval is received. Registered students required to live on campus who do not receive approval for exemptions will be billed for on-campus housing.

Requests for housing exemptions should be submitted prior to July 15th for the Fall Semester and prior to December 1st for the Spring Semester. The Department of Residence Life Director reviews the request and notifies the students of their exemption status. Until written notification is received, students who request exceptions to the policy should not make arrangements to live off–campus. Exemptions cannot be granted once you have signed an agreement and moved in.

Although requests for exemption are rare, below are some other instances in which a request may be granted:

  • Live with parent or legal guardian for my entire first two years of enrollment. (Residency must have been established 180 days prior to request date)
  • Are married (must provide copy of marriage license).
  • Are custodial parent of a dependent child (must provide copy of birth certificate and custodial decree).