University of Houston-Victoria


Modifications and Alterations To Living Space

No alterations or modifications are to be made to either the interior or exterior surfaces of the rooms, doors, hallways, or building without the prior written approval of a Professional Staff member.  Alterations or modifications include, but are not limited to the following: putting mirrors on the closet or bathroom door, putting up shelves permanently mounted to the wall, installing additional or replacement locks on the doors.  This is not an exhaustive list and approval should be sought for any questionable alterations or modifications.

No self-adhesive stickers (bumper stickers, etc.) may be placed on the walls or doors.  Thumbtacks, poster putty, 3M Command strips, or small nails (7/8” long or smaller) may be used to hang posters and pictures; however, use of double-sided sticky foam tape is prohibited.  Curtains may be hung, as long as the holes do not exceed the above standards.  If you have any questions, contact DRL before applying any decorations to the unit walls. Residents will be held accountable for damages not documented on move-in condition forms.