University of Houston-Victoria


Living with Roommates

For most college students, sharing a residence hall room is a new experience. Your new roommate may be an old high school friend, distant cousin, friend of a friend, somebody’s sister or brother, or a total stranger. The Department of Residence Life does not expect roommates to be “best friends,” but to be able to live together in a respectful environment.  Roommate changes are not granted the first two weeks of each semester and are viewed as a last resort, not first alternative.

If one student infringes upon the rights of another, we expect the two students to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect to resolve their differences. If you are experiencing trouble with another resident that you cannot resolve, follow the process outlined below. If you need assistance, contact your RA. 

If you are experiencing a roommate or neighbor issue you need to first approach your roommate or neighbor about the problem.  However, if you feel uncomfortable addressing your concerns with your roommate or neighbor, feel free to ask your RA for assistance.

If talking to your roommate or neighbor does not bring about a solution to your problem, then your next step is to get your RA involved.  RA’s are trained in mediation and will meet with both parties separately and then together as a group.  The RA can set up a roommate contract or neighbor contract, which can help alleviate issues.

If mediation with your RA does not help the situation between you and your roommate, or your neighbor, a meeting will be set up with a member of the Professional staff. The Professional staff member will meet with both parties and the RA to mediate solutions for the problems between the parties.  If resolutions to the problem(s) cannot be met, the DRL Professional Staff may grant a room change.