University of Houston-Victoria



Residents found climbing over a fence, gate, or door, for any reason, will violate their housing agreement.  Any person who is not a resident found climbing the fence or walking unescorted through the community is criminally trespassing.

If you see any suspicious persons around the property or see anyone climbing over the fence, door, or gate, please contact UHV Security (361) 570-HELP, the Front Desk (361) 485-4404, the RA On-call for your building, or call 911.

Do not block doors, causing them not to lock properly.  Report blocked and/or unlocked entrances, or individuals tampering with the doors, to an RA or the Professional staff.  Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate this policy. Violation of this policy puts yourself and other residents at risk of potential danger by giving non-residents access to community buildings.