University of Houston-Victoria


Community Living Expectations

Residential Community Philosophy

The Department of Residence Life is committed to providing a high quality residence hall experience where you will have many opportunities to become involved in numerous activities and organizations, meet and become friends with people from diverse backgrounds, and enrich your academic pursuits at the University of Houston - Victoria. One of the most rewarding facets of living in residence halls is the ability to live with people who are different from you. Every person comes from a different background and brings a different set of experiences and expectations for living here in housing. Residence Life rights and responsibilities and university policies in the Student Code of Conduct are intended to give you, your roommate(s) and your neighbors a common set of guidelines by which you can all live and learn together in order to achieve academic success, develop lasting friendships, and continue to build your skills so you are well prepared for your career after graduation. The Residence Life program is an integral part of the educational initiatives of the institution.

The Department of Residence Life, within the division of Student Affairs, supports the academic mission of UHV by creating on-campus living communities that foster personal growth and development, academic success, social responsibility, cultural understanding, and leadership in residential students. University housing is available to all UHV students regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or veteran status. The Residence Life program provides educational, cultural, social, and recreational programs in all lodges in partnership with students, faculty, and staff.

That being said, living with others in close proximity is not always easy. To live cooperatively, it is critical that residents and staff members develop a mutual respect for each other and are committed to specific expectations of behavior. University policies and the conduct process are based on respect for self, others, the community and taking responsibility for one’s behavior. In order to carry on its work of teaching, research and public service, UHV faculty, staff, administrators and students have an obligation to maintain conditions under which the work of the university can proceed freely. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual to know and abide by university policies and procedures, ensuring we are all in accordance with the highest expectations of quality, institutional integrity and freedom of expression. Each member of our community shares the responsibility of maintaining an environment conducive to the achievement of the university’s mission.


Resident Rights and Responsibilities

As a member living in our diverse community, you are afforded certain individual rights that you and your roommate(s), as well as those living around you, should respect. In addition, these rights carry with them a reciprocal responsibility for you and every member in our community. Responsibilities ensure that roommate(s), suite/apartment mates, floor mates, and other community members are afforded the same rights regardless of their gender, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background, or other identity group(s) to which they belong; as well as any beliefs, values or attitudes that may be different from our own. When you uphold your responsibilities, you will be making the university and residential communities a great place to live where all students can be successful!

To a significant extent, success at the University of Houston - Victoria will depend on your ability to understand and balance the rights and responsibilities you as­sume while attending college. Staff and faculty members do not assume the role of campus parent, and you will seldom be told what to do or what not to do with regard to your personal behavior. The obvious exception, as with society at large, is when individual behavior threatens the health and safety of yourself, others or the community, or begins to disrupt the legitimate pursuits of others within our residential communities.

Residence Life staff members do not, nor cannot, guarantee you will retain each of these rights at all times. You share the responsibility. You can help ensure that these rights will be honored through thoughtful discus­sion and open communication with roommates, suite/apartment mates, floor mates, and other community members. Our staff is committed to offering you an inclusive environment where we will support you in taking healthy risks and while you have the choice to passively exist, we will challenge you to take full advantage of your living environment by participating in activities, standing up for yourself and others, and speaking up for what you believe has value.

The following is a listing of your “rights” (things to which you are entitled as a student living in one of our housing communities), as well as your “responsibili­ties” (what is expected of you as a member of a residential community):

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to a safe and secure living environment.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to keep your living space secured, and to not prop doors open or allow in strangers. You also have a responsibility to uphold all security policies and procedures. Violations of policies and procedures put you and others at risk.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to a reasonably peaceful and quiet space in which you can sleep and study.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to observe quiet hours, to keep your stereo, television, computer and your voice at a reasonable volume in your living environment, and to remind your guests and others that you expect the same of them.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to privacy and to the fair use of your room, both in terms of space and time, and the right to be free of unwanted guests in your room.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to let your roommate know of your wishes and preference for hours of sleep, study and visitation, and to work through any difference you may have in a peaceful manner. You also have a re­sponsibility to make sure your guests do not violate your roommate’s rights or interfere with his/her use of your living space.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to confront another person’s behavior when it infringes on your rights.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to examine your own behavior when confronted by another and to work toward resolving conflicts.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to the assistance of a resident advisor, graduate resident director, assistant director, director or other Residence Life staff members when you need help with a problem.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to notify a staff person of your problem and re-quest assistance in a timely manner and to cooperate with those involved as they work with you as you solve your problem.

• YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to know what is acceptable and/or inappropriate behavior in your living environment.

• YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY to read the information provided for you by the University of Houston - Victoria. This includes, but is not limited to your Residence Halls Service Agreement and Student Code of Conduct. You may report any alleged violation, whether or not you were personally affected by it. 


The University of Houston - Victoria expects its students to exhibit and maintain a high standard of conduct given the educational nature of our institution. While the Student Handbook contains information about policies and procedures at UHV, the Student Code of Conduct specifically covers information related to appropriate conduct and the process of what happens when students allegedly violate university policies and procedures. For more details about the Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct, please visit Student Code of Conduct.