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Dining at UHV

We view the dining program from not only a nutritional standpoint but also an important social aspect of a student’s growth. By offering so many options it encourages your student to explore not only new cuisines but to also meet new people and make new friends. Dining on campus allows your student to take part in the socializing that goes on during meals, allowing them many opportunities to interact outside the classroom.

Jaguar Hall provides a variety of items to fit any taste bud, including a grill, comfort line, deli, salad and soup bar, pizza station and international line.


July 1, 2017 the University of Houston System entered into a partnership with Chartwells Higher Education resulting in a strategic transformation of its dining services. The move promises to strongly appeal to current and prospective students, alumni, visitors, faculty and staff.

At UHV they will be partnering with the University in preparation for the new Student Center & Learning Commons opening fall 2018 that will include a coffee shop, full service grill and regional Mexican food chain.

Meal plans and rates

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

2019-2020 Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Housing Rates

Student Housing for Jaguar Hall (price per semester)

Single Room $3,615.70
Double Room $2,558.62

Student Housing for Jaguar Court (price per semester)

Single Room $3,194.18
Double Room $2,320.56
Triple Room $2,156.75

Student Housing for Jaguar Suites (price per semester)

Single Room (4 rooms in a suite) $3,374.36

Meal Plan Rates

Residential Meal Plans (price per semester)

Gold Plan (19 meals per week) * $1,883.12 ($1,739.60 + $143.52 tax)
Red Plan (10 meals per week) $1,225.87 ($1,132.44 + $93.43 tax)
* Students are required to purchase the Gold Plan if they graduated from high school within the past year.

Optional Meal Plans (price per semester)

Jax 80 (80 meals per semester) $661.98 ($611.53 + $50.45 tax)
Jax 40 (40 meals per semester) $336.91 ($311.23 + $25.68 tax)
Jax 20 (20 meals per semester) $171.41 ($158.35 + $13.06 tax)

Door/Cash Meal Prices

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner $8.93 ($8.25 + $.68 tax)