University of Houston-Victoria


Goal and Timeframe

We will raise more financial support for UHV than has ever been raised in the same period of time. In doing so, we will activate hundreds of major gift donors, thousands of alumni donors and gifts and grants from foundations and corporations across our city and from far beyond. This outpouring of donations will greatly increase the scholarship support we are able to offer our students, and it will allow us to attract and retain outstanding faculty, build or enhance our facilities and develop our academic programs like never before.

Specifically, what are we raising money for?

Although we have specific focal areas, this is a “comprehensive campaign,” meaning that every gift recorded by UHV during the timeframe of the campaign will be counted toward the goal. That said, here are the areas for which we specifically seek financial support:

  1. Academic Strength & Growth

  2. Affordability & Accessibility

  3. Collegiate Athletic Program

  4. Student Success

  5. Operational Excellence

  6. Community Outreach

What is our goal?

Our fundraising goal for UHV Here, We Go is $12,000,000 donated to the University of Houston-Victoria.

What is the timeframe for the campaign?

All gifts given to UHV from 2012 through 2020 will be counted toward the $12 million goal. The total amount raised to-date is approximately $7.4 million, leaving $4.6 million to raise during the remainder of this campaign, which is the “public phase.”

If you are willing to help us in our fundraising efforts in some way, please contact us.