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Sexual Misconduct Policy (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking)

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The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) is committed to providing a professional working and learning environment free from sexual discrimination of any kind. 

Sexual misconduct is a form of sex discrimination and will not be tolerated in any form by the University. Complaints and allegations of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously.  The University will take appropriate action in an effort to eliminate Sexual Misconduct from happening, prevent its recurrence and address its effects.

“Sexual misconduct” is a broad term encompassing a range of non-consensual sexual activity or unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature.  The term includes sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact, dating violence or domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation and sexual harassment.  Sexual misconduct can be committed by men or women, strangers or acquaintances, and can occur between people of the same or opposite sex.  This Policy applies regardless of the complainant’s or the respondent’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identify or gender expression. The policy protects students, faculty, staff and visitors. The University will work to ensure that all persons are given appropriate support and fair treatment.

All members of the University are expected to adhere to the UH System Sexual Misconduct Policy, to cooperate with the UH System procedures for responding to complaints of sexual misconduct and to report conduct or behavior that they believe to be in violation of this Policy.  The University is committed to the elimination of sexual misconduct through education, prevention and awareness campaigns, appropriate training for staff, faculty and students and serious consequences for violations of its policies.

Consistent with its commitment to addressing sex discrimination and harassment, the University complies with the Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits sex discrimination in employment.  Sexual misconduct, as defined in this Policy, constitutes a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX and Title VII.


General definitions and the procedural recourse for responding to complaints of sexual misconduct are set forth in UH System Sexual Misconduct Policy, which provides the exclusive mechanism for handling the non-criminal investigation of any alleged sexual misconduct.  The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for conducting the administrative investigation of reports of sexual misconduct and discuss options, provide support, explain University policies and procedures and provide education on relevant issues.

Rebecca Lake, Senior Director for Equal Access UHV Title IX and Equal Opportunity Coordinator
3007 N. Ben Wilson St., University West 116, Victoria, Texas 77901 (361)570-4835, Rebecca Lake

Note:  Please refer to the UHV Anti-Discrimination for procedural recourse for responding to unlawful discrimination and harassment incidents that do not constitute sexual misconduct.


UHS Policy 01-D-08Sexual Misconduct Policy

UHV Policy 01-D-07, Anti-Discrimination Policy

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