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Related University Policies and Guidelines

Student Parking on the UHV Campus 

Please refer to the Victoria campus map for the location of UHV and VC parking lots. Parking and traffic regulations in UHV parking lots are enforced by Business Services Department, Parking Office. Parking in Lot “S” is shared with The Victoria College and regulations in Parking Lot “S” are enforced by the Parking Office and The Victoria College Campus Police and Security.

Students may request a parking permit in person in the Business Services Department, Parking Office, University West building, Suite 107C. 


  • Must properly display a valid hanging parking permit to park a vehicle on the UHV campus.
  • May park in any student designated lot/space except for residential spaces. Residential spaces are only permitted for residential students.
  • May park in “white curb” reserved spaces or reserved lots ONLY if the space or lot is clearly marked as being unreserved for portions of each day and the student is parking during the unreserved time. (Example: Parking in reserved space at 6:30 p.m. is allowed when space indicates reserved parking from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm.).
  • Are responsible for adhering to A-19, Campus Parking and Traffic Policy regulation.
  • Failure to have knowledge of the regulations will not be considered a valid appeal for a vehicle violation.

Types of student permits include: 

  • Student Housing Parking Permit – Issued to UHV students who are residing at a residence hall and may only be used in designated residential lots. Residence hall student parking permits are issued through the Department of Business Services, University West building, Suite 107C.
  • Commuter Student Parking Permit – Issued to non-residential UHV students and may be used in all non-resident student parking areas. May not be used to park in residential student lots.
  • Disabled Parking Permit UHV, as a state institution, follows the same guidelines as the State of Texas. For individuals with disabilities, application must be made through the individual's local tax assessor office for the specially designated state license plate or hanger, which displays the disabled symbol recognized throughout the State. Disabled parking permits must be prominently displayed. The disabled parking permit and student’s vehicle must be also be registered with the Department of Business Services. The disabled permit must match student’s full name. Use of a disabled parking permit not in the student’s name is a violation of policy and subject to a fine.