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Student Support and Services

UHV Counseling Center, Health & Wellness

UHV Counseling Center (UCC) offers a broad range of student-focused, short-term, episodic services, including counseling, assessment, consultation, and outreach. UCC also houses the VIP Program and Jags for Life, which are focused on reducing interpersonal violence on campus and preventing suicide, respectively. Our mission is to work to empower college students to be capable adults responsible for their own wellbeing, to maturely choose how, when, and even if to address behaviors that may negatively impact their academic performance and quality of life. Our services are designed to support students as they adjust to challenges and transitions as well as to help faculty, administration, and staff function more effectively in their work with all UHV students. Through our endeavors, we support the educational mission of UHV and facilitate mutual respect and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds.

Currently enrolled UHV students in the Victoria-area can access counseling services on the Victoria campus. UHV students located in the Houston-area can access counseling center services through UT Health Science Center. Please see the Counseling Center to make an appointment and learn more.

Victim Intervention and Prevention (VIP)

The VIP Program is housed within UHV Counseling Center with the distinct purpose of providing prevention and intervention services for any student who has been affected by interpersonal violence, specifically dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Any student may contact the Confidential Advisor  (361-570-4135) to discuss issues related to interpersonal violence, whether they occurred in the past or have occurred recently.

The following are definitions and descriptions of different forms of interpersonal violence: