University of Houston-Victoria



Frequently Asked Questions about Graduation

Where is the Merrell Center located?

The Merrell Center is located at 6301 South Stadium Lane, Katy, TX 77494.

How much is parking and where is it located?

Parking is free at the Merrell Center, with multiple parking lots surrounding the facility. Visit the Merrell Center website for full details.

When and where does formal check-in begin?

As a graduate, plan to arrive at the Merrell Center at least one hour prior to your scheduled ceremony to check in. There will be signs and ushers that direct you to the robing area, which is located in the very back of the facility on the northwest corner. Your timeliness will ensure a smooth ceremony.

Where will I be sitting inside the Merrell Center?

Graduates will be seated on the floor directly in front of the stage.

What should I wear?

You must wear the approved black cap and gown sold in the UHV bookstore and online. You should dress comfortably underneath, business casual suggested, and wear sensible shoes given a lot of walking is involved.

Can I leave my personal items in the robing area?

No. You are advised to take all valuables with you to your seat. Neither the Merrell Center or UHV are liable for any losses. You must carry everything you bring with you.

Can I leave during the ceremony?


Do you have an extra tassel/cap/robe?


What should I do with my name card?

It is critical that you hold on to the name card you receive during check in. Please do not lose it. Carry it with you until you are asked for it on the arena floor before you enter the stage to receive your diploma.

Where do we get programs?

Programs are placed underneath the chairs of graduates and at all entrances for guests. 

How will I know to go to the stage?

Following remarks by the UHV president and the keynote speech, students will be instructed to stand one row at a time. Faculty marshals will guide students to the stage. When your row is selected, proceed to the stage. You will be lined up on the arena floor to the right of the stage.

Who should I follow when the procession begins?

Follow the person directly in front of you at all times. If you get lost, seek the assistance of a faculty marshal.

Where should my tassel be?

Before commencement, your tassel should be on your right. Once everyone has walked and received their diploma, the president will tell graduates to shift their tassel from right to left.

Will the commencement ceremony be streamed?

Yes. Visit to view the live streaming.

Do my guests need tickets to enter the ceremony?


How many guests am I allowed to invite?

There is no limit on guests. Seating is first-come, first-serve. 

Where may my guests enter?

Guests may use the main south entrance into the building. This is the entrance facing I-10. All other entrances will be unavailable.

Does the Merrell Center have handicap seating?

Yes, the Merrell Center has handicap seats available. These seats are limited on the concourse level. There is additional handicap seating on the floor.

Does the Merrell Center have a handicap guest drop off?

The Merrell Center has a handicap parking area adjacent to the building. Parking is limited, so plan accordingly.

Does the Merrell Center have elevators?

Yes, it has two elevators located at each side of the south lobby.

Is food allowed in the arena?

No outside food or drink is allowed in the Merrell Center.

May I bring a stroller to the ceremony?

No strollers are allowed inside the arena. You will be able to check in strollers at the guest services table. Baby carriers will be allowed in the arena during the ceremony. Please keep all baby carriers out of aisles and walkways.

What should not be brought into Merrell Center?

Air horns, noisemakers, and laser pointers are not allowed in the building and will be confiscated if used. Balloons, signs larger than 2’x2’, banners, and flowers are prohibited in the arena but can be checked in to the guest services table.