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Paying for College

Paying for college can be one of the toughest parts of earning your degree but it doesn’t have to be. Use our financial aid tools below to learn more about what it costs to attend the University of Houston–Victoria. Find out how much financial aid you may be qualified to receive.

What Will It Cost to Attend UHV?

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is not the bill you receive from the University of Houston–Victoria each semester. Instead, it’s the estimated amount you will pay to attend the college each year. It includes:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and board
  • Allowance for books and supplies
  • Transportation
  • Loan fees
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses

A Request to Change the COA form may be submitted to include other expenses like an allowance to buy a personal computer, pay dependent care, disability-related costs, or study abroad.

If you’re trying to budget for the upcoming school year, check out the COA in the table below. It shows estimated expenses for full-time graduate and undergraduate students. Your actual cost of attendance will vary based on the number of credit hours you register for, your residency status, housing choice, and lifestyle.

To compare the Cost of Attendance at the University of Houston–Victoria with other colleges, visit College Navigator.

2019-2020 Total Cost of Attendance (COA) (Based on Full-Time)
Student StatusTuition & FeesBooksRoom & BoardTransportationPersonal ExpensesTotal COA
Undergraduate Resident - Dependant at Home $8,328 $1,158 $2,418 $2,102 $2,076 $16,082
Undergraduate Resident - Independent at Home $8,328 $1,158 $4,610 $2,102 $2,076 $18,274
Undergraduate Resident - Off Campus $8,328 $1,158 $8,254 $2,102 $2,076 $21,918
Undergraduate Resident - On Campus $8,328 $1,158 $8,884 $1,400 $2,076 $21,846
Undergraduate Non-Resident - Dependant at Home $20,988 $1,158 $2,418 $2,102 $2,076 $28,742
Undergraduate Non-Resident - Independent at Home $20,988 $1,158 $4,610 $2,102 $2,076 $30,934
Undergraduate Non-Resident - Off Campus $20,988 $1,158 $8,254 $2,102 $2,076 $34,578
Undergraduate Non-Resident - On Campus $20,988 $1,158 $8,884 $1,400 $2,076 $34,506
Graduate Resident - Independent at Home $7,900 $1158 $4,610 $2,102 $2,076 $17,846
Graduate Resident - Off Campus $7,900 $1158 $8,254 $2,102 $2,076 $21,490
Graduate Resident - On Campus $7,900 $1158 $8,884 $1,400 $2,076 $21,418
Graduate Non-Resident - Independent at Home $15,496 $1158 $4,610 $2,102 $2,076 $25,442
Graduate Non-Resident - Off Campus $15,496 $1158 $8,254 $2,102 $2,076 $29,086
Graduate Non-Resident - On Campus $15,496 $1158 $8,884 $1,400 $2,076 $29,014


Tuition & Fees — The average cost of tuition and fees for an undergraduate student taking 30 hours per year and a graduate student taking 20 hours per year.  Actual costs vary depending on your degree or certificate program.

Books — Annual average cost of books and supplies for a typical student.

Room & Board — Estimate of what it costs to live on campus at the University of Houston–Victoria, with parents or off campus.

Transportation — Estimate of what it costs to get to and from class.

Personal Expenses — Estimate for living expenses while enrolled at UHV annually. Actual expenses will vary.

Loan Fees - Estimate of average required loan origination fees 

Tools for Figuring Cost of Attendance and Aid Eligibility

Net Price Calculator

Estimate the Cost of Attendance and your financial aid eligibility for attending UHV and other public and private universities in Texas using the Net Price Calculator. It’s a tool developed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to help you understand the costs of attending college in the state of Texas.

Cost of attendance and award estimates are based on a first-time, full-time freshman. The calculator should not be used as the primary means for selecting a school.

Financial Aid Estimator

Use the Financial Aid Estimator to learn about the types and amounts of aid you may be eligible for at UHV.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet helps students understand their educational costs and the aid offered to meet the costs.  The standard format helps students compare the costs and aid offered at UHV and different schools.  Students can view their shopping sheet in the myUHV Financial Aid > View Financial Aid section.