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Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid at UHV

Applying for financial aid doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, anyone can apply for aid, regardless of your income. Plus, most of the forms you need to fill out are available online.

Here are the steps for applying for financial aid at the University of Houston-Victoria:

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA, TAFSA, and/or UHV Scholarship Application

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Refer to the Videos and Tutorials for instructions on how to complete the FAFSA.  You will need to create an FSA ID.
  2. Complete the TASFA to determine your eligibility for state financial aid programs.
  3. Complete your UHV Scholarship Application to see if you qualify for scholarships available for UHV students.

Timeline for Submitting the FAFSA

Timeline for Submitting the FAFSA
School Year for Attendance When to Submit Your FAFSA Year of Required Income
July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 October 1, 2020 - June 30, 2022 2019
July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 October 1, 2021 - June 30, 2023 2020
July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2004 October 1, 2022 - June 30, 2024 2021

Step 2: Check Your UHV Email and myUHV Financial Aid Links

Check your UHV email account regularly for financial aid notifications, including financial aid offers and requests for additional or missing information. The myUHV To-Do List will show you what to submit.

Simply click on the document's name to find out more about the requested documents and submit them as soon as possible.

UHV cannot award financial aid until the requested documents are submitted and processed. Forms can be found on the Financial Aid webpage.

You can also check on your financial aid application status on myUHV.

Step 3: Additional Forms and Steps

Students may be required to submit additional documentation or complete additional steps, including:

  • Verification Worksheet and possibly tax documentation if you are selected for verification.
  • If you are an undergraduate who plans to co-enroll, complete the Consortium Agreement Form. Send in a copy of the Paid Fee Receipt and Class Schedule. The UHV Consortium Agreement is located on the Financial Aid Forms webpage.
  • Complete a Loan Request if you are interested in applying for additional Federal Direct Student Loans or you declined a loan previously offered on myUHV.
  • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note if you have not previously received a Federal Student Loan. Entrance Counseling is required if this is your first time borrowing at UHV. 
  • Exit Counseling is required if you drop below half time, withdraw from UHV, or apply for graduation. If you withdraw, we will calculate your Return of Title IV Funds, which may result in a balance owed to UHV.
  • A Student Employment Application is available if you are interested in employment opportunities on campus or in the community.

Step 4: Accept/Modify/Decline Financial Aid Awards

If you are offered financial aid, you will receive a Financial Aid Offer notificaiton via your UHV email. Once you receive the notice, you will need to accept, decline, or modify your aid package in myUHV. 

Offered aid will be divided evenly for the fall and spring semesters. However, summer classes are awarded separately.  If aid is offered prior to the semester, the aid will be calculated based on full-time status.  Aid may be recalculated if you will not be enrolled full-time.

Applying For Summer Financial Aid

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you have not already done so.
  2. If you do not meet the citizenship requirements for federal aid, complete the TASFA application to determine your eligibility for state financial aid programs.
  3. You must be registered for classes in order to be reviewed for financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Priority Application Deadlines

All financial aid applications should be completed by the priority deadlines listed below. This ensures your file is reviewed as quickly as possible for upcoming semesters. Applications are processed on a first-completed, first-awarded basis. Students should check myUHV and UHV email regularly for status updates.

Fall - January 15

Spring - October 15

Summer - March 15

Please complete all paperwork and submit all documents requested as soon as possible. If you miss the priority deadline, you may still be eligible for financial aid, pending fund availability.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for federal and state aid, you must:

  1. Be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or eligible non-citizen
  2. Demonstrate documented need for need-based financial help
  3. Have a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent, General Educational Development (GED) certificate, or by completing a high school education in a homeschool setting approved under state law
  4. Be enrolled or accepted as a regular student in an eligible degree-seeking program
  5. Be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  6. Meet enrollment status requirements, such as being enrolled at least half time to qualify for the Direct Loan program
  7. Have registered with the Selective Service if you are male
  8. Not be in default on any educational loan or owe a refund on any educational grant
  9. Not have been convicted of possession or sale of drugs while receiving Federal Title IV Aid
  10. Have a valid Social Security number (with the exception of students from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau)
  11. Sign certifying statements on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) stating that you will use federal student aid only for educational purposes

For more information, visit the federal student aid website.

Aid for Non-US Citizens or Permanent Residents

According to the passing of Senate Bill 1528 (SB 1528), Texas law allows students that are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents to be classified as Texas residents for admissions and financial aid purposes.

Criteria for Qualifying as a Texas Resident under SB 1528

To qualify, students must have:

  1. Graduated from a public or accredited private high school in the State of Texas or received the equivalent of a high school diploma (GED) in the State of Texas
  2. Maintained residence continuously in the State of Texas for the 36 months immediately preceding the date of high school graduation or receipt of the high school diploma equivalent (GED)
  3. Maintained residence continuously in the State of Texas for the 12 months immediately preceding the academic term for which the person is trying to enroll at UHV
  4. Submitted an affidavit stating that the person will apply to become a permanent resident of the United States as soon as the person becomes eligible to do so (Residency Affidavit)

Students who meet the first three criteria must submit a notarized Residency Affidavit of Intent along with an official copy of their high school transcript or GED certificate.

Students that meet the criteria are entitled to pay resident tuition and may qualify for state and/or institutional financial aid.

Financial Aid Programs Available for Senate Bill 1528

  • Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG)
  • TEXAS Grant
  • UHV Guarantee Scholarship
  • Tuition Offset Grant (TOG)
  • Institutional Scholarships

** Students must be enrolled at least half time at UHV in order to receive the TPEG or TOG

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Complete the TASFA to determine your eligibility for state financial aid programs.
  2. Provide proof of income, including parent and student (if applicable) tax return transcripts for the appropriate year, W-2s, and the Independent or Dependent V1 Verification Worksheet.
  3. Register for Selective Service if you are male.
  4. Submit UHV Scholarship Application if you want to be considered for scholarships.

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