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The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) is committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action in all employment practices, including recruitment, and selection of staff. This policy applies to all non-faculty staff positions and sets forth the process for recruitment and selection of candidates for vacant positions in accordance with state and federal law and UHS policy. All regular staff positions shall be posted for a minimum of ten working days prior to making a hiring decision. The Director, Human Resources/Affirmative Action ('Director, HR/AA') may waive a posting requirement only in unusual or hardship cases.

The decision to use additional advertising will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Director, HR/AA after consultation with the hiring supervisor.

Nothing in this policy shall be used to permit discrimination or retaliation against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status.


Internal job posting: Job vacancy announcement posted internally. Only those currently employed with the University may apply.

External job posting: Job vacancy announcement posted both internally and externally.

Job posting: Method of displaying current job openings that extends an invitation to those interested to apply. Postings include a summary of the major duties and responsibilities and minimum qualifications.

Position description: A document that describes the major duties, functions, and authority assigned to a position and the relationship between the position and other positions in the department. It details the minimum skills, knowledge and abilities required to perform a job.

Regular staff employee: An employee who is appointed for at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis for a period of at least four and one-half months, excluding students employed in positions that require student status as a condition for employment and those holding a teaching and/or research position classified as faculty.

Security Sensitive: Positions that may be designated by Universities as “security sensitive” are those positions of special trust in which employees have access to or control of activities, systems and/or resources that are subject to misappropriation, malicious, mischief, damage and/or loss or impairment of communications or control.


All regular staff positions below the level of Vice President will be listed with the Human Resources Department to ensure equal employment opportunity and to allow uniform reporting procedures. This listing must take place prior to initiating any search activities. Dean positions are not considered regular staff positions.

A position must be approved and funded before it is advertised.


Employment qualifications listed on position requests and job postings must be identical to the qualifications listed on the position description under which the position is classified.

Approved vacancies may be publicized in newspapers upon the request of the hiring department. All staff advertisements must be approved by the Director, HR/AA prior to placement of the advertisement and must include the appropriate equal opportunity statement.

All position announcements, both external and internal, will be posted by Human Resources on the University’s employment bulletin board, and distributed via e-mail to the university community. External announcements will be posted on the University’s employment web site, mailed to organizations on minority recruitment list, and posted on the Texas Workforce web site. Distribution of position announcements will be handled by the Human Resources Department.


Employment decisions will be based on merit, qualifications and abilities. Candidates for staff positions will be evaluated based upon their ability to perform the duties established for the individual position for which the candidate is applying. The duties and qualification requirements of the position as described in the position description shall be used in determining which candidates possess the basic minimum qualifications.

All applications will be available online for the search committee and/or hiring supervisor during the search process. A “Selection Analysis Form” will be forwarded to the hiring supervisor to be completed at the end of the search process.

The hiring department may establish a search committee to review the applications. The search committee is responsible for defining the selection criteria to be used to evaluate each candidate’s qualifications and identify those candidates who will be asked to interview. Selection criteria are defined by the job description. The search committee will provide the ranking and screening tool to the Director of HR/AA for review prior to screening applications.

In order to provide equal opportunity to applicants, the interviewing procedure must be standardized. A standard list of questions that all interviewees will be asked should be prepared and approved by the Director of HR/AA prior to the interview process. See Appendix A for Guidelines for Interviewing.

All paperwork related to the search process should be forwarded to the Director of HR/AA at the conclusion of the search process.

If an applicant contacts the hiring department directly and has not been routed through the Human Resources Department, the applicant is to be directed to the Human Resources Department to complete application online.


All hire-in rates above the minimum of the pay range must be approved by the Director, HR/AA. When the hiring supervisor makes an offer of employment, he/she should contact the Director, HR/AA via e-mail confirming that an offer of employment has been made. The email should include the name of the new employee, rate of pay, and start date.

The hiring supervisor should ensure that the new employee meets with the Payroll/Benefits Manager on or before the first day of employment.

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Signature Obtained              05/06/2011
Dr. Don Smith, Interim President      Date

President Next review: May 2013
Origination: Human Resources

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