University of Houston-Victoria

Emergency Management


UHV Emergency Alert Notification System

The UHV Emergency Alert Notification System (EANS) is defined as a life safety system, designed to alert and protect people in an emergency. The UHV Emergency Alert Notification System can transmit emergency alert information simultaneously to a large segment of the university community via various notification means in order to communicate what to do in response to a threat. Most communication channels used in the UHV Emergency Alert Notification System are integrated through the EVERBRIDGE System. The EVERBRIDGE System will be used to send notifications through e-mail, SMS text messaging, phone calls, and social media. Other communication channels such as the local media TV and Radio System, telephone text messaging, and e-mail will be utilized in order to reach as many people as possible if a “shelter-in-place” action is required. The UHV EANS is utilized and maintained through various UHV stakeholders including the UH Police Department, UHV Public Information Officer, Office of Emergency Management, and Information Technology (IT).

The UHV Emergency Alert Notification System provides messages using the following communication channels:


Police Department

Primary responsibilities for the following functions are assigned to UHPD-Victoria as supervised by the Chief of UHPD or designee. These emergency functions and tasks include:

  • Receive information on emergency situations
  • Alert Key UHV personnel of emergency situations
  • Disseminate alert information and instructions to the university through available warning systems.

University Communications (UHV Public Information Officers)

The following secondary communications functions are assigned to UHV PIOs or a designee assigned by the President of UHV. These emergency functions and tasks include:

  • Identify the external communication systems needed within the local area
  • Develop plans and procedures for coordination of the various communications systems available, external and internal.
  • Respond to media inquiries.
  • Determine and implement means of augmenting communications during emergencies.
  • Provide updates to the campus community as directed.
  • Update the main UHV webpage ( with Emergency Alert information, when needed. (UHV-Technology Services (UHV-TS) to assist with this task as required.)

Office of Emergency Management

The following secondary communications functions are assigned to the UHV Office of Emergency Management. These emergency functions and tasks include:

  • Assume responsibility for the oversight of the UHV Emergency Operations Center website.
  • Distribute “General Notifications” and “Advisories” when needed.

(See “Emergency Information Terms” below.)

  • Assist in coordinating communications between response agencies and UHV PIOs for updates during emergencies.

University Information Technology

The following secondary functions are assigned to the University Information Technology department. These emergency functions and tasks include:

  • Maintain the EVERBRIDGE System to ensure that alerts are distributed when the alert system is activated.
  • Assist with making sure that inquiries in EVERBRIDGE are being responded to by the UHV Emergency Inquiry Responders
  • Assist with the Emergency Check-in System

Emergency Information Terms

The University of Houston-Victoria will utilize the following terms to issue emergency information to the campus community. This section details the different terms and the communication channels used to distribute the information.

General Notification

General Notification – addresses a possible threat

  1. Purpose: To raise awareness
  2. Distributed via the following possible channels:


Advisory – addresses a threat that exists, such as the presence of multiple cases of infectious disease in the area or the possibility of UHV being in the cone of uncertainty of a hurricane that is still days away.

  1. Purpose: To raise awareness and to advise the campus to take mitigation and preparedness measures
  2. Distributed via the following possible channels:

Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert – addresses a threat that is imminent/actualized

  1. Purpose: To notify the campus community of a situation that requires immediate action, such as an evacuation, shelter-in-place, or lockdown situation
  2. Examples of when this type of message may be used include, but are not limited to, an active shooter, an explosion, an unknown or uncontrolled chemical release, tornado damage to campus, or an approaching hurricane that is still 12-36 hours away.
  3. Distributed Campus Wide via the following possible channels:
    • UHV Emergency Operations Center website:
    • E-mail to internal UHV personnel (EOT, UHV Emergency Staff, University Communications)
    • Phone
    • SMS Text Messaging
    • Police/Security: Door to Door if required.
    • Everbridge- Emergency Messaging System

UHV Emergency

After an emergency declaration, the Executive Operations Team (EOT) may choose to survey the status of students, faculty, and staff. Emergency Check-in is a flexible tool that is used by students, faculty, and staff to let us know when they can safely return to campus by:

  • Responding through 2-way text messaging
  • Calling the UHV Contact Center (361-570-HELP) (361)570-4357