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Blackboard Documentation for Students:

Blackboard documentation (manuals and guides) is made available and maintained by the Blackboard vendor via the Blackboard Help Website. This documentation is maintained, developed, and updated by the Blackboard vendor on a regular basis and is not maintained by the UHV campus.

  1. Visit the Blackboard vendor Help website
  2. Select the "Student" option. 
  3. Select the "College or University" option.
  4. Select the "Learn" option for the Blackboard Learn product. 
  5. Review the most popular information like "submitting an assignment" or "taking a test or survey."
  6. Students can also review tailored information under the "Explore All" area. 
  7. If the information isn't found in these areas, use the "Search" feature in the upper, right-hand corner of the page and search for the specific information you are looking for.

Videos are also made available by the Blackboard vendor for students via their Blackboard YouTube Channel.

Topic Information Available for Students on this Website:

This website provides information for students to use the UHV Blackboard system based on specific topics. For example, before using the Blackboard system, students can review the Student Orientation to Online Courses video.

Students should review the Computer Setup section which identifies compatible browsers that can be used with Blackboard. Also available in the Computer Setup section is important information about firewalls and pop-up blocker settings as well as other technical settings and options that may need to be configured before using the Blackboard system.

Students experiencing issues in the Blackboard system can review the topics available in the Common Problems section. Basic troubleshooting tips provided by the Blackboard vendor include using a different browser to determine if the issue still occurs as well as clearing browser cache and using your web browser in safe mode (e.g., troubleshoot Firefox browser issues using safe mode).

Tutorials by specific topics are made available in the Tutorials section. For example, students can find specific information about discussions and assignments.

The Download Center provides links to third-party applications and components that are used with the UHV Blackboard system like the Respondus LockDown Browser.

For answers to questions like "how long do I have access to my course as a student," students can visit the FAQs section. 

Still Need Help or Assistance:

If students aren't able to locate the information they need via the resources provided above, they can contact the Technology Specialists within their school or submit an electronic form describing the incident, issue, or problem and receive a response from one of the Technology Specialists within their school.

For help and assistance finding course material and resources in their Blackboard courses, students can contact the professor or instructor teaching the course (review the syllabus for contact information) or contact the Technology Specialists within their school.

Blackboard Help for Students:

Blackboard Help for Students

End of Semester Course Evaluation Schedule & Information:

Students can visit the UHV Course Evaluations website for a schedule of when end-of-semester course evaluations will be begin and end. Students can also use the email hyperlink to contact the UHV Provost's Office should they have questions or comments about the UHV course evaluations.


Blackboard Learn Accessibility Statement:

Blackboard Learn Accessibility Conformance Statement (Users with Disabilities)

Blackboard Accessibility Compliance (Users with Disabilities)

Accessibility at Blackboard (Users with Disabilities)

Blackboard Ally:

Blackboard Ally Help for Students

UHV Inclusive Learning and Accessibility Technology  (Blackboard Ally)

Blackboard Ally Community Website