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Semester Setup

Below is the information pertaining to Blackboard shared services and the upcoming semester at UHV. 

Check Status of Blackboard: 

Compatible Blackboard Browsers & Operating Systems:

Google Chromebooks:

Respondus LockDown Browser for Lab Computers:

Important UHV Semester Blackboard Dates:

The UHV Spring 2019 semester begins TuesdayJanuary 22, 2019. Please review the important Spring 2019 semester information below regarding the UHV Blackboard system.

Important UHV Semester Blackboard Dates:

The UHV Fall 2018 semester begins MondayAugust 27, 2018. Please review the important Fall 2018 semester information below regarding the UHV Blackboard system.

Blackboard Recommends Installing more than one Web Browser:

Logging into Blackboard:

Before Using Blackboard for the First Time:

Required on Lab Computers - Respondus LockDown Browser Lab Version:

Troubleshooting Respondus LockDown Browser:

  1. Launch the Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) application and click on the Help Center? icon that appears in the top, left menu area.  
  2. Click on the Run System Check button. 
  3. Wait for the system check results to complete for: (1) Bandwidth Test, (2) Latency Test, (3) Ports Check, (4) Flash Check, (5) Web Cam (optional) and (6) Microphone (optional). A green check should appear for all items.
  4. If there was an error or issue with Bandwidth, Latency, or Ports, the student will need to switch to a different wireless connection or stop using a wireless connection and switch to a wired connection and complete the steps above until there are no issues reported. 
  5. Once no issues are reported, students can click the Return to Course button to log into the Blackboard system and complete the RLDB test or quiz. 
  6. Confirm whether or not an upgrade is required for the RLDB application. Launch the RLDB application and click on the Information - Settings option (appears in the menu in the top toolbar as a small letter "i" surrounded by a circle). . 
  7. Click the Check for Newer Version button. Confirm whether or not a new version is available. If a newer version is available, follow the procedures on the screen to download and install the latest version of the RLDB application.
  8. If a newer version of the RLDB for lab computers is available, contact Megan Perez.

Required - VideoLAN:

Required - Adobe Shockwave Player:

Required - Adobe Flash Player:

Required - Adobe Reader:

Optional for Faculty/Instructor of Record - Respondus 4.0:

UHV Blackboard FAQs