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Important information about using Blackboard Mobile Apps: Blackboard Mobile Apps like Bb Student, Bb Grader, and Bb Instructor are free to UHV students and faculty. The mobile apps are designed to supplement the course experience in Blackboard using your mobile device; however, they do not replace using a computer or laptop in the Blackboard system. Your mobile device and mobile app won't allow you to do everything in the Blackboard system that your computer and laptop allows you to do. Also, the native browser on mobile devices--when you have not installed and are using a Blackboard-vendor mobile app--is not a compatible, supported Blackboard browser; therefore, you may encounter issues and errors completing tasks within the Blackboard system. At this time, Blackboard has not provided users with a mobile app that replaces their experience of using a computer or laptop in the Blackboard system. You will still need a computer or laptop as an instructor or student to complete coursework and specific tasks within the Blackboard LMS system. 

Blackboard Mobile Learn Support Portal

Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Courses

Blackboard Student App (for Students)

Blackboard Student App video 

Blackboard Student App tour video

Blackboard Student App feature guide

Blackboard Student App Download (iOS)

Blackboard Student App Download (Android)

Blackboard Student App Download (Windows)

Blackboard Instructor App (coming in July 2017; link will be made available when Blackboard vendor releases app) 

Blackboard Grader App (for Faculty)

Blackboard Grader App feature guide

Bb Grader App - iOS Download (currently only available from Blackboard for iOS iPad devices; not available on iOS iPhone devices)

Blackboard Mobile App (for Students & Faculty) - August 1, 2017, Mobile Learn app will be removed from app stores; August 31, 2017, support for Mobile Learn app by Blackboard vendor will end 


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Bb Student App Help for Students

Bb Student App Help for Faculty

Bb Grader App Help for Faculty

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