University of Houston-Victoria


Clearing Java Cache

For Windows users:

Close any running browser applications, windows, and tabs.

Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, Control Panel, Programs, and then Programs and Features.

Double-click the Java icon. A new dialog box should appear.

Java Control Panel

Select the General tab if it's not already selected and under the Temporary Internet Files panel, click once on the Settings... button (see below) to open up a new dialog box.

Java will display the Temporary Files Settings dialog box (see below). Click once on the Delete Files... button and Java will display a new dialog box.

Java Temp Files

Java will display the new Delete Temporary Files dialog box (see below). Click to select both of the check box options that appear (to delete both the Applications and Applets and Trace and Log Files options) and click the OK button once to confirm.

Click the OK button twice to close both Java dialog boxes and then close the Control Panel dialog box.

If your Java cache won't clear or you encounter additional Blackboard issues, repeat the steps above. Some users have had to repeat this process multiple times to completely clear their Java Cache.

Macintosh Users

Close all browser windows.

Go to Hard drive + Applications + Utilities + Java Plugin Settings + Cache + Clear + Yes + Reset.

These steps will vary depending on which version of the Macintosh OS you are running and which Java build is installed on your Mac.


Blackboard Chat is dependent on Java on the local user's computer, so the user will need to have a working version of Java installed in order to use the Blackboard Chat feature. (See Java Setup).