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Minimum Technology Requirements

Students are expected to have continuous access to a computer and the internet in order to take full advantage of the instructional delivery opportunities provided by our various programs. As a result of the increasing emphasis on mobility in today's technology marketplace, a notebook computer (laptop) is strongly recommended.

Email Accounts:
Upon admission to the university, students are issued UHV email accounts. A student's email name and password will allow access to UHV email, the electronic library, various UHV web applications, and online courses. Additionally, all formal university communication is conducted through the UHV email account.

Minimum Recommended Computer & Software Recommendations:
Students must have individual and personal access to a computer with internet connectivity for file management, email, and online course activities. High-speed internet access is strongly recommended if available.

The following hardware and software specifications are recommended:

Hardware Configuration:

Canvas provides a list of compatible devices, operating systems, and web browsers that users can review for more specific information.