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General Questions

My course isn't listed on My Canvas page...

Courses won't be listed until the first day of the semester. Late registrations can delay access to your course for up to 24-48 hours after registration, during which time you would not see that course listed on your My Canvas page. Note: Students dropped for non-payment are not loaded into online courses until payment arrangements are made and are required to go through the late registration process.

The course may also not be listed pending changes in the semester schedule or at the request of the instructor. If it is after the first day of the semester and you have not registered late, please contact your Online Support Technician to determine the cause of this problem.

My dropped courses are still listed on My Canvas page...

Dropped courses may remain on your My Canvas page until the end of the semester, but they will not be counted as a credit. Students may be denied access to the course, but will not be deleted from the system. You can hide the link in your course listing from the My Dashboard screen.  

Is my privacy protected in Canvas?

Your grades, whether they are recorded for assignments, quizzes, graded discussions, etc. are only visible to the course instructor, teaching assistant (if applicable), and online support technicians. They are not visible to other students. Canvas support staff are respectful of your privacy and only access courses as requested by the instructor. Your grades, discussion postings, and other information are not discussed openly with others.

While online courses are secure in that only those enrolled or associated with the course are given access, it is recommended that you exercise good judgment when posting or emailing confidential information, just as you would if sharing confidential information in a face-to-face classroom setting.

When opening a PDF it opens then suddenly closes.

If clicking links to PDF files in your web browser causes Acrobat or Adobe Reader to start and then quit OR

Clicking a web link to a PDF file causes your web browser to open a new window and Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to start and then quit immediately. The new browser window also closes.

Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

In Acrobat or Adobe Reader, choose Help > Check For Updates Now to install the update.

Alternately, you can download the update from the Adobe website:

-- For Adobe Reader or Acrobat, download the update from the Adobe website at www.adobe.com/downloads/.

How Do Students Access Documents on the old Blackboard System?

The Blackboard Learn 9 system will no longer be available to students effective June 1, 2023.  UHV students who no longer have access to documents in the previous Blackboard LMS can access these documents by contacting their School's Online Support Technician for assistance.