University of Houston-Victoria


Grades Journey Project

The UH Main Campus is currently in the process of evaluating the "Grades Journey" option in Blackboard. "Grades Journey" is a process that transfers final grades from the Blackboard Grade Center to the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) so that a final grade is automatically transferred for the student from Blackboard to PeopleSoft and faculty and adjuncts don't have to enter the grade manually. Notice that this "Grades Journey" feature applies only to courses being taught in the UHV Blackboard system. Face-to-face--and all other non-online--courses do not use the "Grades Journey" feature and require faculty following the regular, established procedure for entering grades for face-to-face (non-online courses) into the PeopleSoft system. "Grades Journey" only applies to online courses taught in Blackboard where faculty are recording student grades in the Blackboard Grade Center. 

Currently, there is no estimate from the UH Main Campus as to when the feature will be in place. We'll continue to update this website with new and important information as it's made available to us. 

Additional information about "Grades Journey" is made available by Blackboard.