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Common Problems

Basic Canvas Troubleshooting Procedures:

Most issues involve cases where a user's internet connection drops or their web browser times out or stops responding. The Canvas LMS does not record or log these connection issues nor is there a clear way to tell from the Canvas log information when a connection issue occurred and how it impacted the end user. There's also no way from the UHV side to see any type of log information on the user's computer or device that would indicate why the connection issue occurred, what type of connection issue it was, and how it impacted the end user. Users who are coming over a WiFi network don't always have a consistent amount of bandwidth. Sometimes you'll see a little burst of time where there's more packet loss or where the bandwidth drops. Canvas recommends the following basic troubleshooting procedures when end users encounter issues:

  1. Before using Canvas for the first time, test your browser and resolve any issues indicated on the Canvas resource page. 

  2. Make sure you are using one of the supported operating systems and approved web browsers for the UHV Canvas LMS. Note that not all native browsers on mobile devices run the supported "OS" or "approved web browser" to use the UHV Canvas LMS (approved use of a mobile device will vary). The Canvas vendor does provide free mobile apps that can be installed on mobile devices to supplement the course experience in the Canvas LMS. However, your mobile device running one of the Canvas mobile apps won't allow you to do everything in the Canvas LMS that your computer and laptop allow you to do. You will still need a computer or laptop as an instructor or student to complete coursework and specific tasks within Canvas. 

  3. Canvas recommends installing more than one web browser and using a different web browser when an issue occurs. E.g., if you are using FireFox and you encounter a Canvas issue, does the issue occur in Google Chrome? If not, continue using the browser where the issue does not occur. Mac users can install the Mac version of FireFox in addition to using the Mac Safari web browser. 

  4. When did you last clear our your browser's cache on your device? 

  5. When was the last time you rebooted your device? Rebooting clears out temporary files and resets default settings which can fix many errors and issues. 

  6. Are you using a loaned device? Loaned devices may only allow you to use pre-loaded software and may have browser website limitations similar to parental controls. You may need to contact one of the Information Technology employees where you received the loaned device to find out if there are any browser limitations, etc.   

  7. If you are still encountering issues, contact the Technology Specialists within your school or complete and submit the Canvas Request Form

  8. How stable is your WiFi? Content like streaming videos can be slow with low bandwidth. You may want to think about how many other people are current using the same WiFi bandwidth in your home. For example, you may want to arrange to watch videos when others in your household aren't using the WiFi. 

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