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Third-Party Integrations - LTI Integration Requests

We cannot integrate anything in Canvas until it has completed the UH Main Campus technology assessment process. FERPA compliance is a priority with all Canvas integration requests. The technology assessment team has representatives from IT Security, Purchasing, Registrar's office, Legal, etc. to make sure any data shared as part of the Canvas integration is secure and doesn't threaten the university's compliance. Any contracts may be required to include our specific rider(s) about data privacy and use, etc.

Building Blocks and LTI integrations can only be completed by developers and programmers at the UH Main Campus. Canvas system administrators at the UHV campus cannot install Building Blocks or LTI integrations. All requests from UHV faculty, adjuncts, staff, departments, and colleges for Building Blocks and LTI integrations must be approved by the UH Main Campus and UH IT Security. UH IT Security will confirm that the third-party Building Block doesn't pose a risk or compromise student data, including protected FERPA data. The approval process is lengthy as the application/request is reviewed by more than one department at the UH Main Campus. 

Additional information about requesting third-party Building Blocks and LTI integrations is made available on the UH Main Campus website