JagsTeach Residency Program

Jags Teach

  • JagsTeach Residency Applicants must be admitted into the Teacher Education program, be pursuing EC-6, 4-8, or 7-12 (History, ELAR, Science, or Math) certification, and have met all requirements to participate in the residency.
  • Candidates must take and pass the PPR (#160) certification exam before the first semester of the residency.
  • Candidates must take and pass the state Certification TExES (EC–6, 4–8 Core Subjects, or 7-12 Content Exam) pertaining to degree plan during the first semester of the residency. Students will not be able to move on to the second residency semester without passing this state exam.
  • Candidates must take and pass the STR Certification exam #293 (only for EC-6 and 4-8 cert) during the second semester of the residency.
  • Check your UHV email for APPROVAL or DEFICIENCY listing and information about your status to participate in the residency prior to completing the next series of steps in the application process.
  • Any changes in criminal history must be reported to the Teacher Education Program Chair and Director of Field Experiences.
  • All DEFICIENCIES must be cleared prior to the first semester of the residency.

Deadline to apply March 1 for Fall start.

Deadline to apply September 15 for Spring start.

JagsTeach Residency Program Application

Students must submit a 3-4 minute video in addition to the JagsTeach application.  Instructions for video submission can be found here.

$100.00 late fee for JagsTeach residency applications submitted within 30 days after the application deadline.

JagsTeach Courses

JagsTeach allows a student to take courses during the fall and spring semester of your year-long residency. A resident may enroll in 3 classes in the fall and 2 classes in the spring. Please refer to the JagsTeach course rotation to guide your selection of classes. Residency may begin in either Fall or Spring semester.