Special Education Teacher Certification

The field of special education needs passionate teachers with the specialized skills to work with students with learning difficulties. You bring the passion, and our Special Education Teacher Certification program will bring the foundation in special education instruction and management you need to reach your career goals.

Before you get started, you’ll need

Undergraduate students interested in obtaining certification in Special Education must complete either the Core Subject EC-6 Certification or the Core Subject 4-8 Certification and take the following courses:

  • SPED 3321 Exceptional Children: An Introduction
  • SPED 3322 Exceptional Children: Assessment and Programming
  • SPED 4323 Exceptional Children: Modifications, Methods and Materials
  • SPED 4324 Exceptional Children: Behavior Management
  • SPED 4304 Student Teaching: Exceptional Children

* SPED 4304 Student Teaching: Exceptional Children will replace ESED 4304 Early School Student Teaching or MSED 4304 Middle School Student Teaching

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Where Can This Certification Take You?

Well, where would you like to go? Special education teachers are needed all over the state of Texas in public and private schools.

There’s a lot ahead of you. You can go anywhere and do anything—follow a path or forge a brand new one. It’s all up to you, and we’re here to help prepare you for whatever journey lies ahead.

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