Video Submission for JagsTeach:

Record a 3-4 minute video of yourself in which you answer all of the following questions:

--Tell us your name, the university you are attending and why you want to be a JagsTeach Resident.

--As you have been preparing to be a teacher, what is the most relevant thing that you have learned that will assist you in being an effective teacher?

--How do you motivate students?

-- If a principal has the opportunity to select you as a Teacher Resident, what would you say to convince the principal that they should choose you?

Save your video in one of these formats:

Upload your video to YouTube.

--Sign in or create an account

--Upload your video

--Set your video privacy to “Unlisted”

** Send your video link to Dr. Amy Guillot by March 31 for fall JagsTeach start and by September 30 for spring JagsTeach start.