Kinesiology Internship


The internship is a field‐based experience of a minimum of 300 hours to give the student the practical opportunity to apply knowledge and theory related to their specialization in kinesiology.

Program Description

Students must meet the following requirements to be accepted into the internship program.

  • An agreement and partnership are established between an approved facility and The School of Education Health Professions & Human Development at the University of Houston at Victoria.
  • This agreement should be in the form of a contract between the University internship coordinator and the facility.
  • The internship should provide a comprehensive learning experience for an undergraduate student who is pursuing a degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Sport Management or Exercise Sports Science.
  • The designated internship location must be in the areas of physical activity, fitness, strength and conditioning, personal training, rehabilitation, or sport management. Students will be appointed a site that best reflects their professional goals and career aspirations after graduation.
  • Students can apply for an internship at an approved location in the United States. Provisions can be made for internships to be done outside of the U.S. These situations are treated on an individual basis. Some internship opportunities may provide a stipend, meals, or housing. It is acceptable and encouraged to accept an internship that provides these benefits.
  • Students are required to engage in the professional affiliation experience and complete accompanying academic requirements during the semester that they have made an application. This experience will carry 12 hours of academic credit and will require a minimum of 300 contact hours at the field work site. The student will also be required to meet periodically during the scheduled class meeting times shown in the syllabus as requested by the instructor at The University of Houston at Victoria.
  • If student athletes have completed the major course requirements on their degree plan, they are required to complete their internships 1 to 2 semesters prior to their sport season. Advisement with KINE faculty is required.

Internship Application Deadline

Fall student internship application deadline is July 15. Late fees apply July 16-August 15. After August 15 late applications for student internships will not be accepted.

Spring student internship application deadline is November 15. Late fees apply November 16-December 15. After December 15 late applications for student internships will not be accepted.

Internships for Summer will begin in 2022.

$100.00 late fee for student internship applications submitted within 30 days after the student internship application deadline.

Prerequisites & Requirements for Enrollment

Kinesiology GPA above a 2.5.
The following paperwork and procedures must be completed before beginning the internship.
These are:

  1. Senior standing during his/her last semester prior to graduation.
  2. Internship information sheet
  3. Contract coversheet
  4. Internship agreement
  5. Approved objectives of the internship
  6. Students must enroll in both KINE 4603 Professional Field Experience I and KINE 4604 Professional Field Experience II during the fall or spring semester for a total of 12 hours.


  1. It is the responsibility of the student to locate an internship site. Students should set up a meeting with the university internship coordinator two semesters before they plan to enroll in the internship and begin researching for an internship site. A list of approved sites in and outside of Victoria is provided by the School of Education, Health Professions and Human Development Kinesiology program at Internship Approved Sites.
  2. Select an internship site. You must obtain approval of the university Internship Coordinator if the site is not on the list found on the Internship Approved Sites webpage. The intern must be supervised by an employee at the approved site who has the degree, licensure, and or certifications to supervise and work with the student.
  3. Apply to the selected internship site for a position (usually internships are listed under the company’s job postings). The student will need to submit a resume and cover letter stating their internship/career objectives. Students may be requested to interview for an internship position.
  4. Once a site is selected, meet with the university Internship Coordinator and obtain the required paperwork. Students may not begin internship hours before attending a meeting with the internship coordinator. Other meetings are scheduled throughout the semester.
  5. Complete all required paperwork as assigned.
  6. Register for both KINE 4603/4604. The syllabus for these courses will be posted on blackboard.