Health Studies

Are you interested in helping people live longer and healthier lives? Are you interested in making a positive impact on the people who live around you? If so, then a Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Health Studies may be of great interest to you. In recent years, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a projected faster than average growth in the field of health promotion/public health (1). The Bachelors of Science in Health Studies program will provide students with the knowledge and skills to become successful leaders in the field of community health, hospitals, wellness, government agencies, healthcare-based health promotion, military, worksite health programs, and many other career fields in public health. The degree will provide the knowledge, skills, and preparatory courses for those students interested in pursuing a Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree. A MPH is an instrumental degree for those individuals wanting to pursue leadership roles in many different career fields in public health.

The program is in the process of developing and establishing a school health teaching certification. This certification will prepare a student to be certified by the state of Texas to teach at all levels of health (K-12). The program will also prepare students to take the Texas’ state board of certification exam (TExES) for all levels of health (K-12).

The curriculum focuses on the sociology and economics, as well as introduce students to health informatics, community-based prevention models, global health issues, and policy as it pertains to public health. The capstone project will embed students within a public health entity as interns, giving them crucial and needed workforce experience. The 120 hour degree could be completed in three years.

Graduates will be eligible to sit for the Health Educator exam. 25 semester credit hours of Health Studies can be accepted for student to be eligible to sit for the Certification Exam and become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

BS in Health Studies: Course titles, descriptions and course objectives in the 30 semester credit hours were written to address the seven criteria for NCHEC. Seven Areas of Responsibility:

Area I: Assess Needs, Assets and Capacity for Health Education
Area II: Plan Health Education
Area III: Implement Health Education
Area IV: Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education
Area V: Administer and Manage Health Education
Area VI: Serve as a Health Education Resource Person
Area VII: Communicate and Advocate for Health and Health Education

The BS in the Health Studies is approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Application to the degree begins in the Spring semester of each academic calendar year. Tuition is based on a 120 semester credit hour degree.  Scholarships are available. Request more information about the degree or program that aligns with your career goals. Please direct all questions or inquiries to Dr. Michael Wiblishauser, Assistant Professor of Health Studies, at (361) 570-4178 or email.