Master of Education in Special Education Applied Behavior Analysis

Revised degree plan starting Fall 2024

Program Mission

The goal of the online Master of Education in Special Education Applied Behavior Analysis degree is to prepare educator and clinician Board Certified Behavior Analysts to create positive behavior change utilizing the principles and techniques of behavior analysis.

Program Objectives

  • Provide students an in-depth understanding of the scientific foundation, principles and concepts of behavior analysis and how they came about through the methodological approach of the experimental analysis of behavior.
  • Provide students an understanding of how cognitive and developmental disabilities potentially affect behavioral outcomes within the context of education, employment, and independent living.
  • Prepare students to be able to navigate federal laws (IDEA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, ADA) and promote the rights of clients with disabilities as they apply to public and private education and access to communications, employment, community living, recreation etc.
  • Prepare students to identify the social significance of behavior change and assess behavior utilizing skills assessments and functional behavior assessment techniques to create intervention plans to support positive behavior change and independence.
  • Prepare students to ethically apply principles and concepts of behavior analysis in school, clinic, home and community-based settings.
  • Prepare students to be practitioner/researchers to critically evaluate effectiveness of behavior interventions and contribute to the research knowledge base for effective behavior interventions across a range of behaviors, populations and settings.
  • Prepare students to be contributing members of the ABA and education professions through contributions to local, state, and national education and behavior analytic organizations.

New Admission Requirements for M.Ed. Special Education ABA*

Admission Deadline New students seeking the M. Ed. in Special Education ABA are admitted each semester. Check the Office of Admissions for application deadlines.
Application Students apply online at Apply Texas
Additional admission requirements can be found at this link
Program Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or higher preferably in special education, education, psychology or related field. A minimum GPA of 2.75.

Two letters of recommendation preferably one from a former professor.

Essay stating purpose for pursuing the M.Ed. SPED/ABA degree plan including discussion of relevant experience in ABA and professional plans upon completion of the degree.

Admitted students attend required virtual orientation prior to beginning of first semester.

Transfer of Credit At the discretion of the Dean of the academic program, the student may receive up to 25% credit for graduate work taken at another institution that has recognition in some form from the U.S. Department of Education or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. If transferring from a UH System institution, the student may receive up to 50% credit at the discretion of the Dean of the academic program.
Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid Students can find information on Tuition and Fees at this link Financial aid information can be found at

*Students who have a master’s degree and are seeking the ABA Verified Course sequence (21 hours) as post-graduate non-degree seeking students are admitted each semester.


The following courses are delivered entirely online and are required for the M.Ed. SPED ABA degree beginning with Fall 2024 admission, pending final university approval.

  • SPED 6321 Introduction to Special Education
  • SPED 6326 Programming & Collaboration for Students with Disabilities
  • SPED 6337 Teaching Strategies for Students with ASD
  • SPED 6339 Communication Strategies for Students with ASD
  • SPED 6341 Applications of Single-Case Research Design in School and Clinic
  • SPED 6333 Experimental Analysis of Behavior for the Educator
  • SPED 6331* Behavior Assessment and Adjustment of Exceptional Children and Youth
  • SPED 6325* Applied Behavior Analysis
  • SPED 6332* Principles of Behavior for the Educator
  • SPED 6338* Behavior Intervention Procedures for Educators
  • SPED 6340* Philosophical and Historical Foundations of ABA
  • SPED 6346* Supervision and Organizational Behavior Management
  • SPED 6335* Ethical and Professional Conduct for the Behavior Analyst

*Represents courses in the ABAI Verified Course Sequence