Practicum and Internship Handbook - Policies and Practices

Successful completion of COUN 6303 Practicum is a requirement for enrollment in COUN 6348 Internship I. Successful completion of Practicum must occur within one semester. Incompletes are not provided for COUN 6303 Practicum.

Beginning Fall 2017, it is no longer the practice of the counselor education program to allow, at the discretion of the course professor, a maximum of 10 direct hours and 15 indirect hours from COUN 6303 Practicum to roll-over toward COUN 6348 Internship I. It is no longer the practice of the counselor education program to allow, at the discretion of the course professor, a maximum of 30 direct hours and 45 indirect hours from Internship I to roll-over toward Internship II. Students who begin practicum/internship prior to Fall 2017 will be allowed to retain their rollover hours through graduation.

Class attendance is a requirement of Practicum and Internship I & II. Lack of class attendance could result in an administrative withdrawal from the course.

Site placements must be within a 65-mile radius of either the Victoria campus or University of Houston-Victoria at Katy instructional site.

Should the site require the graduate counseling student intern to provide counseling services during the semester break, the site will provide weekly supervision and maintain full legal responsibility for client care during such time. The student is not allowed to count any direct or indirect counseling hours provided to clients during the semester break toward the required contact hours for COUN 6303 and COUN 6348.

Observation (live or recorded) and evaluation of counselor performance and skills during COUN 6303 and COUN 6348 are significant components to counselor training. The purpose of observing counselors-in-training is to provide individual supervision and consultation with an approved supervisor. Supervisors may observe the counselor-in-training individually or in the presence of other counselors-in-training. The content of these observations is confidential and the information will not be shared outside of the context of supervision. To remain HIPAA compliant, any recorded counseling sessions for the purposes of observation and evaluation must be appropriately stored and not used for any other purpose.

In order for a site supervisor to be approved, beginning fall 2018, the supervisor must attend a 3-hour supervision training and orientation sponsored by the UHV Counselor Education program. Supervisors will be provided with LPC supervision continuing education credit and/or SBEC continuing education hours. Supervisors are required to attend this 3-hour training once a year. Trainings will be offered once per semester beginning fall 2018.

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