Master of Education (MEd) in Curriculum and Instruction Course Rotation

Plan your semester using the tables below.



Core Courses

Course NumberCourse Description20222023
FEDU 6321 Foundation of Education Research SP, FA SP, FA
FEDU 6322 Education Assessment SU SU
CUIN 6321 Principles of Curriculum Development SP, SU, FA SP, SU, FA
CUIN 6332 Education in a Diverse Society SP, SU, FA SP, SU, FA
FEDU 6331 Human Growth and Development SP, SU, FA SP, SU, FA
EDUC 6310 Integration of Technology in the Curriculum SP SP
CUIN 6305 Professional Research SP, FA SP, FA


Early Childhood

Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
ECED 6355 Early Childhood Education SU SU SU
ECED 6357 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education FA FA FA
ECED 6358 Seminar in Early Childhood Education SP SP SP
ECED 6359 Tests and Measurements in Early Childhood SP SP SP
ECED 6367 Literacy for Children FA FA FA


Education Technology Courses

Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
EDUC 6310 Integration of Curriculum and Technology in Education SP SP SP
EDUC 6311 Social Networks and Media Infused Learning FA FA FA
EDUC 6312 Digital Learning Environments FA FA FA
EDUC 6313 Creating Advanced Technology Learning Environments SU SU SU
EDUC 6314 Computer and Internet Law SP SP SP
EDUC 6316 Multimedia Design FA FA FA
EDUC 6350 Internship in the Integration of Curriculum and Technology in Ed. SP SP SP



Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
ESLN 6310 Assessment in Bilingual and ESL Education SP SP SP
ESLN 6311 Foundations of Bi-Lingual ESL Education SP SP SP
ESLN 6312 Principles of Second Language Teaching FA FA FA
ESLN 6313 Teaching Second Language Literacy FA FA FA
ESLN 6314 Teaching English as a Second Language SU SU SU


Literacy Courses

Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
LITY 6304 Practicum in LITY I   FA  
LITY 6305 Practicum in LITY II SP   SP
LITY 6331 Instruction for Students with Literacy Difficulties
(UHV Dyslexia Certificate course)
LITY 6332 Teacher Leadership and Critical Action Policy SU SU SU
LITY 6333 Theory & Application of Writing for Globalized Learning   FA  
LITY 6334 Foundations of Developmental Reading
(UHV Dyslexia Certificate course & Pre-requisite for LITY 6331 and
LITY 6362)
LITY 6340 Professional Literacy Research SP   SP
LITY 6360 Framework for Literacy Learning   SP  
LITY 6362 Assessment of Multi-Literacies Learning
(UHV Dyslexia Certificate course)
LITY 6363 New and Traditional Literacies across the Content Area FA   FA

Math Courses

Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
CUIN 6341 Problem Solving   FA  
CUIN 6342 Assessment in Math SU   SU
CUIN 6343 Math Teacher as Leader   SU  
CUIN 6347 Number Concepts FA   FA
CUIN 6348 Algebra & Geometry   SP  
CUIN 6351 Fallacies and Myths in STEM (8 weeks) SP   SP
CUIN 6352 Progressive Math Methods (8 weeks) FA   FA
CUIN 6349 Teaching Probability & Statistics   SP  



Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
SCIE 6322 Earth Science SU SU SU
SCIE 6323 Environmental Science FA FA FA
SCIE 6327 Physical Science SU SU SU
SCIE 6331 Life Science      
CUIN 6336 Advanced Science Methods for Teachers SP SP SP


Social Studies

Course NumberCourse Description202220232024
CUIN 6350 Teaching Social Studies SP SP SP