Post-Baccalaureate Internship Checklist

(These guidelines do not apply to VOICE students)

  • ◻ Pick up an application packet from a Certification Analyst and contact the Director of Field Experiences (361)570-4371 for an appointment about the Internship Program.
  • ◻ Internship Application Deadlines:
    • Fall - August 1
    • Spring - December 1
  • ◻ Complete the application for Internship and return to Director of Field Experiences.
  • ◻ Register for Internship I and Professional Seminar for the first semester and Internship II for the second semester.
  • ◻ Submit to cooperating School District the Agreement between UHV and the ISD and the Mentor Teacher Information Form.
  • ◻ When complete, it is the Intern's responsibility to return Agreement and Mentor Teacher Information to the Director of Field Experiences. The Intern will return all paper work to Director of Field Experiences. All paperwork must be completed by 12th day of class or Intern will be dropped from Internship Program.
  • ◻ After Internship is complete and all course work is complete, take appropriate TExES (review, practice, and final).
  • ◻ After completion apply to SBEC for Certification.