Teresa Ann LeSage-Clements

LeSage Clements Teresa

Teresa Ann LeSage-Clements
Professor of Curriculum & Instruction/Science Education
Phone: (361) 570-4303
Office: UHV West 283

Teaching Areas: Science and curriculum & instruction

Research Interest: Science Education, Pre-Service Teacher Preparation & Environmental Education


Ed.D., Texas A&M University-Commerce,  Commerce, Texas, 2002
M.S., Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce, Texas, 1994
B.S. in earth science, California State University-Long Beach, 1979
Certified Texas Teacher, Life certificate, Earth Science (1992) and Secondary Core Science (2004).

Selected Publications

Stehling, S. M., LeSage-Clements, T. & Patton, B.A. (2021). Cultivating empowerment in rural secondary novice science teachers. National Social Science Association. National Social Science Journal. V 57 # 1 ISSN 2154-1736.

Hetherington, S. R., LeSage-Clements, T. & Sobolev, D. (2021). Preliminary analysis of E. coli genetic diversity in the Guadalupe River: Initial approach to fecal pollution tracking. Texas Journal of Science 73(1): | Published Online: January 02, 2021.

Canela, P., Clements, T.L.S. & Sobolev, D. (2020) High nitrogen to phosphorus ratio in a Texas coastal river: origins and implications for nutrient pollution sources and exports. J Coast Conserv 24, 46 (2020).

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LeSage-Clements, T., Patton., B., & Sobolev, D. (2020). Generation Z Environmental Attitudes. National Association African American Association & Associates, Monograph. Dallas, Texas, Feb. 17-21, 2020.

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