Karen E. Camargo

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Karen E. Camargo
Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone: (361) 570-4376
Office: 122L, UHV Central Building


PhD (Health Science {Research/Education}, Trident University (Formally-Touro International University {TUI}, Cypress CA)

M.S.N (With a focus in Nursing Education), Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Standish, ME

B.S.N., Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX

A.D.N., El Centro Community College, Dallas, TX


License and Credentials

Texas RN License


Current Scholarly Projects

HESI results, Learning and Thinking among Accelerated Nursing Students & Nursing Faculty
Incorporation of Interactive Simulation programs into Online Learning opportunities



Poster Presentations: Innovations in Curriculum Design: Weaving QSEN through Nursing Informatics Course Content. Annual Nurse Educator Conference, 2012

Poster Presentations: MCPHS Faculty showcases (Appreciative Advising, 2013; Learning Styles. 2014)


Additional Research Interests

Distance Learning/Online Learning

Appreciative Advising

“At Risk” Nursing Students

Learning styles, thinking and impact on knowledge and NCLEX-RN Outcomes

Nursing Faculty Teaching, Learning and Thinking