Student Teacher Handbook

(Handbook Last Updated 10/7/2020)


This handbook is designed to serve as a guide for students, cooperating teachers, field supervisors, and district administrators regarding the placement and operation of the student teacher program at the University of Houston-Victoria. Field supervisors, cooperating teachers, and university faculty have contributed greatly to its publication. Ideas and suggestions have been gleaned from the review of other handbooks from other institutions.

In addition to those who have contributed to the writing of this handbook, University of Houston-Victoria is indebted to area school districts that provide placements for field experiences and student teaching during these important phases of teacher preparation. The mentoring and professional guidance UHV students receive from school personnel is critical in their development as teachers. UHV gratefully acknowledges the many contributions the teachers and administrators of area school districts make towards our program.

Table of Contents


Roles & Responsibilities

Standards & Policies

Student Teaching Experience


  • Contact your Director of Field Experiences and/or the student teaching course professor for the following:
    • Suggestion for Student Teaching Experience
    • Short Evaluation Form
    • Long Evaluation Form
    • Statement of Understanding and Acknowledgment
  • Important University Personnel & Contact Information