VOICE Program Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or evaluation of international degree showing the equivalent
  • GPA of 2.75 in last 60 hours of college work or cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Letter of standing for those who previously participated in an Educator Prep Program (EPP) Student must be in good standing with EPP to be admitted to VOICE
  • TSI complete or accepted to UHV graduate program
  • Maintenance of 2.75 GPA in VOICE classes throughout enrollment in the program
  • Passing score on TExES content exam for relevant certification area.
  • Eligibility to take the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam

VOICE Teacher Certification Courses

Course NumberCourse Description202020212022
CUIN 6320 Models of Teaching   SU SP, FA SU
CUIN 6312 Human Growth and Learning SU SP, FA SU
CUIN 6314 Classroom Practices & Procedures SP, FA SU SP, FA
FEDU 6323 Cultural and Social Foundations of American Education SP, FA SU SP, FA
CUIN 6316* Application of Educational Roles & Responsibilities I (Internship) FA FA FA
CUIN 6317** Application of Educational Roles & Responsibilities II (Internship) SP SP SP
CUIN 6318* Practicum Seminar (Pre-Student Teaching) SU, FA SU, FA SU, FA
CUIN 6319** Practicum in Teaching {prerequisite CUIN 6318} (Student Teaching) FA, SP FA, SP FA, SP

*** According to Texas Administrative Code 228.35—

  • Student must complete 30 clock hours of field based experience to be completed prior to student teaching or internship. Appropriate activities include substitute teaching, hours spent as a classroom aide or classroom observations. See Educator Preparation Office (EPO) for how to appropriately document these hours.
  • Beginning Sept. 1, 2017 - student must complete 150 clock hours of training prior to student teaching or internship.

Eligibility to take the PPR Exam

After nearing completion of CUIN 6312, CUIN 6314, CUIN 6320 and FEDU 6323 with passing grades, students take the PPR in their last semester of course work however students will not be able to register until they are in the last month of that semester. So, for example if a student is taking his last classes from the list above in the Fall, he will be able to register for the PPR in November.

Complete TExES Registration Approval Form and submit to EPO. A EPO representative will contact you with information on registering with ETS once your approval form has been processed. Register for and take the official PPR test.

With faculty advisor approval, VOICE candidates may use up to 12 hours of VOICE courses (CUIN 6312, 6314, 6320 or FEDU 6323) toward a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction: Elementary Education, Literacy Studies, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Science Education, Educational Technology, ESL/TESOL. For information about these degrees, consult with a certification analyst. In addition, upon approval from a faculty advisor, VOICE courses may be substituted for CUIN common core courses for those students seeking Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with Reading Specialist Certification, Master Reading Teacher Certification, or Master Mathematics Teacher Certification.


Consider applying for one of three the Master’s degrees that include teacher certification using the same coursework for the VOICE program. See Masters Degrees with Teacher Certification

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