Master Mathematics Teacher Certification

Partially Online: 18 hours

  1. Some scheduled meetings required; meetings may be in person, online video conference and/or phone.
  2. Classes will be offered online, face to face and/or hybrid.

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  1. Hold a valid Texas teacher certificate.
  2. Bachelor's degree.
  3. A minimum of three years of teaching experience in an accredited school.
  4. Complete the 18 semester hours of specified graduate-level courses beyond the bachelor's degree in an approved graduate teacher education program. Students must have a signed plan on file.
  5. The program for this certificate includes:

    1. CUIN 6341 Teaching Problem Solving
    2. CUIN 6342 Assessment in Mathematics
    3. CUIN 6343 The Math Teacher as Leader
    4. CUIN 6347 Teaching Number Concepts
    5. CUIN 6348 Teaching Algebra & Geometry
    6. CUIN 6351 Fallacies & Myths in STEM Teaching
  6. Pass the TExMaT - MMT EC-4 #87 OR 4-8 #88.

Note: Although a Master's degree is not required to obtain this certification, completion of the UHV Master's degree in Elementary Mathematics Education qualifies you with the course work required for this certification.