Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


Our Curriculum and Instruction Graduate program offers certificates to help you concentrate in a specialty field without having to complete a full master’s degree. Gain a deep understanding in a targeted field to achieve more career versatility.

A student wishing to pursue graduate-level coursework at UHV must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. A baccalaureate degree earned within the United States or an international degree that had courses evaluated by an approved evaluation company for admissions and transfer credit.

For applicants with GPA’s below 2.50, please contact Kiyanna Coleman, graduate certificates & degree advisor or email the education program mailbox.

NOTE: Certificates are non-degree-seeking programs. A student who is pursuing a certificate and wishes to switch to seeking a degree at UHV must reapply to the university as a degree-seeking student. A student who is admitted as a degree-seeking student and completes all of the requirements for a certificate will not be awarded a certificate, because certificates are strictly for non-degree-seeking students.

Students who complete a certificate may subsequently apply for a degree program in the same discipline, and all credits may be transferred and applied to the degree in accordance with university  policies and practices related to transfer credit. However, there are limits on how many credits a student may transfer into a program. At the master’s level, 50% of the required credits for the program must be earned while a degree-seeking student at UHV.

Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPEs) for Teachers

The College of Education & Health Professions at the University of Houston-Victoria is approved and registered by the State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency as a CPE provider. We offer a growing library of Continuing Professional Education Credits for Teachers. Past events trained teachers, future teachers and parents on topics including Mathematics, Special Needs and Literacy. Watch for future workshops and events feature Science, Mentoring and more. Register for one today!