University of Houston-Victoria

Disability Services


Faculty responsibilities relating to students with disabilities:

  1. In order to standardize our message to all students about our services, include the following Syllabus Statement from UH System Policy – SAM 01.D.09: 

    Services for Students with Disabilities:

    The University of Houston System complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, pertaining to the provision of reasonable academic adjustments/ auxiliary aids for students with a disability.  In accordance with Section 504 and ADA guidelines, the University of Houston-Victoria strives to provide reasonable academic adjustments / auxiliary aids to students who request and require them.  If you believe that you have a disability requiring academic adjustments/auxiliary aids, please contact the UHV Office of Disability Services; University Commons 2108A; 3006 N. Ben Wilson St.; Victoria, Texas 77901.  Office – (361)570-4287; Fax – (361)580-5504; E-mail;

  2. On the first day of class each semester, make a general announcement about the availability of services for students with disabilities at UHV, and give them contact information for the Office of Disability Services.  Also, announce your willingness to reasonably assist students who have registered with the UHV Office of Disability Services.

  3. If a student approaches you and states that they have a disability and need accommodations, or tries to give you any type of documentation of their disability, please refer them to the Office of Disability Services - University Commons, 2108A, (361)570-4287, or by email.

  4. Please do not provide academic accommodations unless you have received a Student Accommodation Form from the Office of Disability Services.  If you have not received an accommodation form, the student is not registered and therefore is not entitled to receive any accommodations.

  5. Accommodation forms will be sent to all professors and students by email through the AIM System.  The accommodations are effective upon receipt of the form.  Accommodations are not retroactive.

  6. Confidentiality of all disability information is essential. Be careful not to single out or call attention in any way to students with disabilities during class.

  7. Be available to meet with identified students.  Although we cannot require it, students are strongly encouraged to schedule a time to meet with professors each semester.  The particulars of each student’s needs should be discussed so that both of you understand the accommodations.  If it is not possible to meet face to face, then phone or email is acceptable.  Students are not required to disclose their disability to anyone but Disability Services.  Please do not ask the student why he/she needs a particular accommodation or auxiliary aids.

  8. Students may register with Disability Services at any time during a semester – there is no ‘deadline’.  Likewise, faculty cannot set a ‘deadline’ for accepting accommodation forms from students.

  9. Ensure that all classroom materials, videos, etc., are in accessible format.  This applies to all modes of course instruction.  If you need assistance with this, contact Disability Services.

  10. Hold all students to the same academic standards set by the university department or program.

  11. Regarding students who have testing accommodations: 

    It is the student’s responsibility to contact the UHV Testing Center to schedule all quizzes/exams for the semester.  The student will complete a test scheduling form and submit it to Julie Buchhorn Wardi, Testing Coordinator, Jaguar Hall 1129, (361)570-4285. 

  12. If you have any questions or concerns, need clarification about the implementation of an accommodation, or you disagree with an accommodation, please contact the Disability Services Manager right away.