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Disability Services

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Student Academic Accommodations

The University of Houston System (“System”) and its universities take pride in their diverse populations and are committed to providing all students the opportunity to take full advantage of their programs and facilities. 

Please read the student academic accommodations policy.


Pregnancy and Parenting

Students and employees may request accommodations for pregnancy-related conditions through the Equal Opportunity Office. You can learn more information in the UH System Policy for Pregnant and Parenting Student and Employee Accommodations.

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Some pregnancies may lead to medical complications, and persons who experience a temporary or permanent disability (such as anemia, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, postpartum depression, etc.), can contact Disability Services for additional accommodations.

Contact Disability Services

Information about animals on campus

As an incoming student planning to live in the UHV dorms, it's important to be aware of the policies regarding animals on campus. At UHV, we have guidelines in place to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for all residents.

While we understand the special bond between students and their pets, only small fish in a tank no larger than 10 gallons are permitted in all residence hall rooms. Cats, dogs, and other common household pets are not allowed.

Our intention is to create a positive and inclusive community for all residents, and these policies and guidelines help us achieve that goal. UHV will consider a request by an individual with a disability for reasonable accommodation to allow an Emotional Support Animal that is necessary because of a disability and reasonable. 

Please review our policies on emotional support animals, animals on university campuses, and service animals for more information.

UHS Policy for Animals

Emotional Support Animals

The University of Houston System (the “System”) or University is committed to providing an environment that affords equal access and opportunity to otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities (see System Administrative Memorandum [SAM] 01.D.05, Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement), in compliance with federal and state law.

Please read the SAM policy on emotional support animals.

Animals on Campus

The presence of animals at the university may pose a safety concern, which places the universities at risk of potential liability. Therefore, as a general rule animals are not allowed on campus.

Please read the SAM policy about animals on campus.

Service Animals

This Policy applies to individuals within each of the five units (the System and the four universities) who have a disability and require the use of a Service Animal. 

Find out more by reading the policy on service animals.