University of Houston-Victoria

Disability Services

How To Register With Disability Services

  1. Apply for admission and be accepted to the University of Houston-Victoria. Students with disabilities must go through the standard admissions procedure followed by all prospective students. You do not need to disclose your disability to anyone during the admissions process including Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, Student Advisors, etc.
  2. The student must self-identify by contacting the Office of Disability Services. It is your responsibility to initially seek out services.  Federal law requires that any action regarding access to services, seeking special assistance, or providing reasonable accommodations must be initiated by the student.
  3. Complete the Application for Services by logging in to our Accommodation Information Management System (AIM).  You will use your UHV user ID and password.
  4. Provide documentation for the disability.  Follow the General Guidelines for Documentation on the website. A medical doctor or mental health professional must complete the documentation form and send it directly to the DS Office by fax - 361-580-5504.   Other types of documentation such as a Special Education IEP or 504 information may be sent directly to the DS Office by the student.  UHV reserves the right to request additional third party documentation from a qualified professional evaluator.
  5. The DS Manager will review the student’s application and documentation, and will schedule an intake interview with the student to discuss reasonable accommodations and share any additional information, either in person, by phone, or electronically.  
  6. DS Manager will determine reasonable accommodations on a case by case basis and will present all requests from new students to the Academic Accommodation Evaluation Committee (AAEC) for review.
  7. An Accommodation Notification Letter will be prepared for each course and sent to the student and course instructor by e-mail. The student will use AIM to select from the listing of approved accommodations for each course in the current semester only.  Accommodations will become effective on the date sent.  If there are questions or concerns from student or faculty, please contact the DS Manager right away.
  8. Students are encouraged to meet with each instructor either face to face or by email or phone to discuss the approved accommodations.  No changes may be made to the approved accommodations without meeting with the DS Manager.

Timeline:  This process can take one to two weeks to finalize accommodations and send out the accommodation notification letters. New students are encouraged to apply at least two weeks prior to the start of a new semester so that the process can be completed by the time the term begins.


  • Notify the Office of Disability Services immediately if you withdraw from a course(s) or if there is a change in instructors.

  • Contact the DS Manager at any time during the semester if there are any issues with the implementation of your accommodations.