University of Houston-Victoria

Disability Services

Faculty FAQS

In a private conversation, a student self identifies as having a disability, what should I do?

Provide the student with contact information for the Office of Disability Services, Cheryl Worley,  Manager, University Commons, 2108A, phone 361-570-4287. Instructors should not provide academic accommodations to students without proper notification from the Office of Disability Services.

How do I know the student really does have a disability?

All students registered with Disability Services have a documented disability. Documentation must be submitted prior to the initial meeting. Services are not granted until documentation is received. If you have received an Accommodation Notification Letter from Disability Services requesting academic adjustments for the student, you can feel sure that the student really does have a disability.

Do I have a right to see the student’s disability documentation?

No. Documentation stating and describing a student's disability is confidential information. All documentation for students registered is kept within the Office of Disability Services.

What should I do about a student with a disability who is misbehaving, threatening, or rude?

Students with disabilities adhere to the same code of student conduct. If you suspect the behavior is associated with a possible disability, please call Disability Services.

Do I have the right to fail a student with a disability?

Provided the approved academic accommodations have been implemented, if a student with disabilities does not meet the course expectations and complete the curriculum, the student can fail the class.

Do I have to provide academic accommodations in an online class?

Yes. Academic adjustments are also provided in the online environment. Guidance on which adjustments are applicable in the online setting is provided by Disability Services.