University of Houston-Victoria

Disability Services


The University of Houston-Victoria recognizes that student disability records contain highly confidential information and are to be treated as such. Therefore, all information pertaining to students who register with Disability Services is maintained in a confidential file and is considered part of the student’s education record. This information may only be disclosed to a third party with the written permission of the student, or as is permitted by federal law and university policy.

University of Houston System Policy stipulates:

Records or information obtained as part of the accommodation request process that reflect diagnoses, evaluation or treatment of a student’s medical or mental health condition are confidential and shall be maintained by the University’s Student Disability Services Office. Such records or information shall be shared with only those System or University officials who the University’s Student Disability Services Office and/or the System’s General Counsel or their designee determines have a “need to know” such information and/or the content of such records in order to evaluate and/or implement the academic adjustments/auxiliary aids request, and such records shall not otherwise be released to anyone except as required by law.

University of Houston System Administrative Policy –
AM No. 01.D.09 Student Academic Adjustments/Auxiliary Aids Policy
Revised December 4, 2015

Information concerning a student’s disability should be disclosed only to those with a legitimate “need to know.” The U. S. Department of Justice has indicated that faculty and staff generally do not need to know what the disability is, only that it has been verified by the individual assigned this responsibility by the university. Students may choose to sign release of confidential information forms so that DS Staff can communicate with parents, faculty, or others as specified.

Student files will be disposed of according to UHV Records Retention Schedule once a student has graduated or no longer attends UHV.