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Software Support for Effective Learning

You have a LOT of reading to do. You need to respond in writing for an assignment. You have to try to grasp the new concepts so you can understand and retain it for the test. You need the kinds of supports that Read&Write can give you!

Read&Write is an innovative literacy software for Windows or Mac that supports reading comprehension, writing, research, and study skills for ALL learners, inclusive of various learning styles and abilities, including English Language Learners and students with specific learning needs.

Read&Write works directly with applications and formats such as Microsoft Office Suite, PDF files (both accessible and inaccessible), as well as several web browsers including Chrome and Firefox.

Features include:

A Read&Write software license has been made available for home use to all students, faculty, and staff by Student Services and the Office of Disability Services. Use the links below to download and begin using the many features.

Installing Read&Write for Windows and Mac on Your Home Computer

Please note: If you have a previously installed version of Read&Write on your computer, please delete and install this new version using the links provided for Windows or Mac. The current version for Windows is 12.0.71 and for Mac it is 7.1.3.

If Chrome is your default browser, an extension must be added.

If Firefox is your default browser, a plugin must be added.

Getting Started

At startup, a Read&Write toolbar will be placed on your desktop. It is fully customizable and can be moved anywhere on the desktop.

Read&Write Toolbar

“How To” videos on YouTube

Support Article for using Scan to make PDF documents accessible

For Windows

For Mac

Additional Resources found in Read&Write

For more information about Read&Write contact Disability Services at (361) 570-4287 or visit or