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How is aid applied towards my tuition and fees?

Once a student accepts his/her financial aid awards, the awards will appear on the student's billing account in myUHV as anticipated aid.

Financial Aid sends the disbursement file to Finance after verifying the student's eligibility. The funds will be applied to the student accounts after 4:00 p.m. The funds will go towards any tuition, fees, room and board, institutional loans, and book loans that you may owe. Students will be notified via UHV email when their financial aid is applied to his/her student account.

After your student bill has been paid in full, any remaining aid will be refunded to you in accordance with your refund preference on file. Students, who have not selected a refund preference, should do so at Funds being delivered to you via ACH to your checking or savings account may take up to 3-5 business days. Funds being delivered to you via a BankMobile Vibe account usually appear after 2:00 p.m. on the day of disbursement. And, funds being delivered to you via a paper check may take up to one week for you to receive them in the mail.   

Effective July 1, 2016

New students who are enrolling for the first time in courses at UHV will be mailed a refund selection kit from BankMobile, UHV’s refund processor. This packet will contain information that explains the refund delivery options offered at UHV and will include instructions on how to select a refund preference. Selecting a refund preference is a vital step in getting refunds to students as quickly as possible.  The refund delivery options available to students include electronic deposit to an existing bank account, electronic deposit to a BankMobile Vibe Account, and paper check delivered via USPS.  Students who fail to select a refund preference will be mailed a check approximately 10 days after UHV submits refund information to the processor.  For more information about student refunds, please contact the Student Billing Office.

Some Alternative Student Loans and scholarships will be mailed from the lender/donor to UHV.  A recipient must have a zero balance, be registered for at least the minimum enrollment status and meet any additional criteria prior to the check being released to the student.  The student must come in person to sign for his/her check.

What if I do not have enough aid to cover my bill?

Students will be dis-enrolled from classes after the payment deadline if their tuition and fees have not been either paid in full or the anticipated financial aid awards do not cover the total bill.  Students will need to re-register for classes and make a payment. If the student's anticipated financial aid awards cover the tuition and fee balance, the student will not have to make a payment or get a short term tuition loan.

To prevent from being dropped from classes until payment or aid can be secured, you can opt into a payment plan. For payment options, go to the Student Billing website.

When does disbursement occur?

UHV begins disbursing financial aid to the student accounts no earlier than 10 days before the first day of class. The financial aid will be applied to current year charges.

Disbursements occur on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday thereafter.

2017-2018 Disbursement Dates
Summer 2017 Regular Session, 8 Week and 1st 5 Week Session – June 5,, 2017
Summer 2017 2nd 5 Week Session – July 10, 2017

Fall 2017 Regular Session and 1st 8 Week Session - August 28,2017

What can prevent my aid from disbursement?

Awards cannot disburse if:

  • There are holds on the student's account.
  • There are pending documents on the to-do list.
  • The student's cost of attendance budget and awards have not yet been revised to meet his/her current enrollment status.

For this reason, students are advised to check their myUHV account and student email for notifications on missing documents or holds.

Financial aid offers may be based on full-time enrollment status.  If you will not be full-time in the fall and/or spring terms, please complete the Intended Enrollment Form located in myUHV.  If you complete the form after you have already been awarded, Financial Aid staff will review and adjust your aid.  Furthermore, if you do not complete the form, you may be awarded incorrectly.  This could cause delays and decreases to your financial aid for either the fall and/or spring terms.

Enrollment Status Definitions:


  • 1-5 hours = less than half time
  • 6-8 hours = half time
  • 9-11 hours = 3/4 time
  • 12 or more hours = full time


  • 1-4 hours = less than half time
  • 5 hours = half time
  • 6-8 hours = 3/4 time
  • 9 or more hours = full time

What is an overaward?

One example of an overaward is when a student receives additional scholarships or grants after a student's award letter has been processed, or after funds have been disbursed. We may need to recalculate a student's eligibility for aid. Students must notify the Office of Financial Aid of all outside awards in a timely manner to make necessary changes. Another reason for an overaward situation is that awards are normally based on estimated full-time enrollment. If you are not enrolled for full-time status, please contact our office so that we can make the necessary adjustments.

Any amount beyond the legal package limits (more than unmet need or total cost of attendance budget) is called an "overaward". Federal and state laws require that such an overaward be corrected, usually by the return of the overaward amount to one or more of the aid programs. When such an overaward amount to one or more of the aid programs is detected, we will make adjustments to a student's aid. The philosophy of student aid is to provide access and choice to students, who without such assistance, would not be able to attend an institution of higher learning. Details about the packaging philosophy are available in the Office of Financial Aid.

What if I want to cancel my aid?

You have the right to cancel all or a part of the loan(s) by contacting our office within 14 days of the date the student was notified of his/her loan disbursement. The funds will be returned to the Department of Education.

If your aid has not disbursed yet, send an email to informing us of your request to cancel your financial aid offers.

I have enough aid pending but it is not appearing on my student account. Will I be dropped?

Don't panic if you do not see your financial aid listed in the student account summary section. There are several steps involved in the disbursement process. At one point your pending aid will not appear on your account, it will later show as a credit.

Self Service > Financial Aid > View Financial Aid 

If your aid is in the file set for disbursement, the anticipated aid is removed so the actual aid can be applied to your bill. The disbursement file will be processed the following morning. As long as you have enough aid to cover the full cost of your student bill, you will not be dropped from your classes.

Please note: You will not be able to request a tuition loan or installment plan if your aid is greater than or equal to your bill. You will be exempt from the payment deadline.