University of Houston-Victoria

Curriculum and Student Achievement


Academic Success Referrals (ASR) serve as an early alert for students not meeting the classroom standards. Faculty submit the Academic Success Referrals to the Student Success Coaches who then reach out to the student. 

Reasons for receiving an ASR:

  • Failure to complete and turn in assignments
  • Failure to read and understand assigned readings
  • Frequent absences
  • Poor participation in discussions
  • Poor study skills
  • Poor understanding of course content
  • Poor Writing skills
  • Weak performance on major exams and assignments
  • Weak performance on quizzes and/or homework
  • General Concern


If you receive an ASR:

  1. Contact your Success Coach informing them that you have received the notification. They can discuss ways to improve and recommend you to valuable resources.
  2. Contact your instructor to let them know that you are working to resolve the issue.

Remember, your Success Coach is here to help but only if you are willing to do the work.