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Curriculum and Student Achievement


A listing of past events for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence with links to recorded sessions and resources.

Schedule of Events:

CTLE Schedule- Fall 2022

BRIDGE to Brilliance

April 2023: Constance Filley Johnson- "Law and Order"

March 2023: Benjamin Hayes-  "From Hollywood, California!"

February 2023: Hunter Follett- “Living a Growth Mindset”

November 2022: Karissa Winters- “Unlocking Your Innovative Potential”

October 2022: Carl Landrum- “Demonstrating Transformational Leadership”

September 2022: Byron Sanders- “Bridging the Gaps”  

May 2022: Tyler Waye- “Controlling Your Mindset”

April 2022: Justin Velten- “Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace”

March 2022: Jeff Traylor- “Exemplifying Servant Leadership” 

February 2022: Daniel Botero- “Building Resiliency”


Innovation Collective: Fireside Chats & Coffee and Concepts

April 5, 2023: Innovation Collective: Coffee and Concepts

February 22, 2023: Innovation Collective: Coffee and Concepts

November 16, 2022: Innovation Collective: Coffee and Concepts 

October 11, 2022: Innovation Collective: Fireside Chat: Robert Royer

September 13, 2022: Innovation Collective: Fireside Chat- Robby Burdge


Onsite Conferences and Workshops

May 2,2023: Financial Literacy Seminar w/ Michelle Rhode

April 28, 2023: Lunch and Learn- Humberto Hernandez - "Maximizing Student Success via Diversity. Equity and Inclusion"

September 30, 2022: UHV Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Symposium (12:00 pm-5:00 pm)- UHV Main Campus