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How to use the Issue an Alert feature within Navigate, our campus coordinated care network.

  1. Log in to Navigate: This currently uses Jagspace for sign on but will be moved to myApps soon.
  2. To start an early alert on a student, select 'Issue an Alert' option under the 'Actions' sidebar from your Navigate homepage.
  3. Once the alert pop-up appears, you must then select a student profile by typing either the student's name or student ID into the Student search box.
    1. This will auto-fill when searching by name. All results show the last 4 digits of the student's ID to help you identify the correct student.
  4. You must also select at least one reason from the click-down box next to Please select a reason before submitting the early alert.
    1. Multiple reasons may be selected by clicking on empty space within the reason field again.
  5. You have the option to select the class associated with the alert and include additional details about the alert in the remaining fields.
  6. Click Submit to issue the alert on the student. This will also notify the student's assigned advisor.

For additional assistance on this content, please first watch the Issue an Alert in Navigate video guide or refer to Navigate- Issue an Alert Example (PDF) with visual refences of the steps above. You may also email Randall Jasek with any Navigate questions, comments, or concerns.